Gems By Laura

Greta Baby Bracelet (3MM + 6MM Beads)

As part of our Namesake Collection, this bracelet has been dedicated to a real-life female role model. The Greta bracelet is named after a woman who was a beacon of strength, resilience, love, optimism and perseverance (even in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds). The name Greta is a Scandinavian derivative of Margaret, which means pearl. Much like a pearl, her life began in a humble yet tumultuous time, but she was able to grow and become the most beautiful and inspirational woman. She was born and raised in Denmark during WWII. She often shared her memories of life in a Nazi occupied country and the ways her family survived and contributed to underground resistance efforts. A few years after the war, Greta met her husband and immigrated to America to marry him and together they raised an amazing family. This bracelet is meant to encapsulate all of those admirable traits listed above and tie us together as women.
Materials: 14k gold filled. Nickel free. 
  • Features: Each bracelet has a ½” extender chain to allow it to grow with your child.
  • Guarantee: 100% satisfaction guaranteed. 

    Safety Info: PLEASE WATCH TEETHING BABIES CAREFULLY AS SMALL COMPONENTS CAN POSE AS A CHOKING HAZARD! We recommend that you remove baby bracelets at night for child’s safety. If your child’s bracelet seems tight please loosen to the last chain link, remove the bracelet or buy a larger size.