MyFamilyBuilders Friends Edition [16 pcs] Toy Set

· BUILD TEACHABLE MOMENTS into your youngsters’ playtime with My Family Builders Magnetic Building Blocks. This interactive set lets children explore various family dynamics by constructing multiracial little people who resemble the community around them. · THOUSANDS OF COMBINATIONS of mix-and-match magnetic blocks create endless possibilities for 1-of-a-kind characters and myriad family representations. They serve as great conversation starters for talking to your kids about diversity, gender roles, acceptance, and empathy. · ENGAGING CHARACTERS of boys and girls of all ethnicities, skin colors, facial and clothing styles are represented in this 16-block diversity set. It includes 8 kid heads; 4 kid torsos; and 4 small legs. Three blocks combine to make 1 character. · Our toys are regularly tested to fully comply with current USA & EU regulations by INTERTEK Testing Labs. Materials: Wood, Non-toxic water-based paint, Magnets, Love. Weight: 15.6 oz. Size (inch): 6.7 X 1.8 X 5.8